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Foraged Flavour Boutique Edible Flower Farm in Daylesford Macedon Ranges

Located centrally within the food and wellness region of The Daylesford And Macedon Ranges, just over an hour from Melbourne, Foraged Flavour is a boutique edible flower farm sustainably growing bee-friendly edible flowers for the Australian food service industry since 2013. Our extensive range of hand-picked and hand-made edible flower products include over 30 varieties of fresh and dried edible blooms, pressed edible flowers, floral syrup and jams. Foraged Flavour was born out of combined creative passions for food, gardening and floristry. In 2013, on our family farm in the picturesque hamlet of Glenlyon, in the West Central Highlands of Victoria, the first edible flower beds were installed. Since then, the farm has expanded to over an acre in size with flowering trees and shrubs, a rose garden, multiple greenhouses, and outside flower beds. Our commitment to sustainable farming practises and the environment, has seen our flower farm develop over the years into a garden sanctuary for bees, pollinating insects and native birds. We strive to reduce our footprint on the earth by aspiring to compostable and biodegradable materials where possible. Our use of biological pest control through the introduction of predator bugs, means our flowers are not only safe for us to eat but also protects the bees and pollinating insects we rely on for food production, keeping our environment clean from devastating chemicals. Our low impact approach to weed control, keeps our soils rich, healthy and fertile. Foraged Flavour has been supplying esteemed Melbourne and Sydney restaurants through the fresh produce wholesale markets for over 10 years. Our blooms have regular cameos on popular cooking shows like Masterchef Australia and have been featured in prestigious magazines including on the cover of Vogue Australia Entertaining and Travel.