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Dried Edible Flowers

Dried Edible Flowers

Foraged Flavour’s Dried Edible Flowers offer a colourful and textured garnish to bring to life cakes, chocolates, slices, biscuits, canapes, salads, drinks and more. They are a colourful and fragrant addition to bespoke tea blends, tonics and tisanes. Individual petals can be delicately applied for a touch to elegance to uplift smaller food items, while en masse our colourful petals present as spectacular cake and platter decorations.

All Foraged Flavour edible flowers are grown at our boutique edible flower farm in the food, spa and wellness region of Daylesford and Macedon Ranges in Central Victoria. In this pristine environment, we sustainably grow our bee-friendly flowers free from nasty sprays such as synthetic pesticides and herbicides, making them safe for you to eat and put on and next to your food. Our slow and meticulous preserving technique ensures our dried edible flower petals retain their vibrancy and are of the highest quality.

Our range of dried edible flowers come in two convenient sizes, a small retail size jar or a bulk caterer's pack. We also offer custom blends to suit your project's specific colour and style requirements.

Foraged Flavour dried chemical free flower petals have a long shelf life and maintain excellent colour and fragrance, making them suitable not only for culinary purposes but also for inclusion in beauty and spa products such as soaps and bath salts.